Working on raising the health awareness level and learning the right skills of dealing with the different diseases and injuries through different programs and projects that are of great benefits to the Jerusalemites


We are working on becoming an effective association in the field of health and first aid education in a way that would allow our services to cover all the areas of Jerusalem through voluntary work that would provide highly skilled services.


1- Working on empowering the role of voluntary work and its importance in the society of the young Jerusalemites through a scientific approach that embodies the idea of voluntary along on the basis of lectures and workshops that work on discussing the culture of voluntary work.

2- Spreading the awareness and the basis of the correct way to deal with different sick cases and different injuries and working on getting rid of the different negative health habits through speaking with the different societal groups in the most creative and innovational manner.

3- Qualifying skilled paramedics who are able to deal with different emergency cases with great efficiency and preparing them with all kinds of equipment to provide the services in a short time.   

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